About Lou Black

London 2016, it was a foggy winter night when yet again, Lou was feeling near to desperate, packing her suitcase, sitting down between her piles of clothes when the idea for Lou Black was born. . . Women’s fashion collections that suit multiple occasions and are super comfortable!

The collections of Lou Black are designed for our fellow ambitious and hardworking women, who also know the importance of enjoying life! Class, quality and comfort are the keywords for each clothing piece. It is our mission to empower women by making them feel confident and fashionable in a sustainable way.

Responsible & Long Lasting

Reuse, reduce & recycle. These are the key words we produce our collections by. Using sustainable methods and recycled materials, our collections are produced in our factory in Romania. All of our fabrics are sourced and made in Europe, the majority from Italy.

We use only recycled and organic fabrics in all our designs with a focus on being as eco-friendly as possible, with the aim of getting better and better at it!

Giving back

We believe that everyone who can afford something new for themselves can also give a little extra for someone in need, including Lou Black. Therefore we have designed the perfect fit cotton T-shirt which profit supports Women for Women International. We are proud to be funding a woman in Nigeria trough their 12-months holistic training programme, so she transform her life and build a better future for herself and her family. Thank you for being part of our movement!

Our Core Values:
• Sustainable style – we source and produce organic, re-made, local and fair.
• Quality – style made from a place of consciousness to last for years.
• Respect – we operate our business with respect for people and the planet.
• Longevity – our collections are highly curated to deliver long-lasting style you can feel good about.
• Sharing – a part of our profits will be donated to a charity foundation selected by our costumers
• Satisfaction – we care about the happiness of our costumers

Contact Lou Black
For any questions or enquiries please contact us at: info@lou-black.com

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If you love Lou Black and are interested in becoming a stockist, please email your enquiry to info@lou-black.com